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Sawa Angstrom from Kyoto will release its first 7inch EP features Ami (DSPS) & GYM (deca joins)

Sawa Angstrom, an electro-pop unit formed by three key players in the Kyoto indie music scene, will release its first 7inch EP, features Sawa Angstrom's classic anthem "Tape Loop", and the coupling track "BOOKS", an impressive masterpiece with its slow and steady breakbeats, and The EP also includes a remixed version of "BOOKS" by Ami Tseng from the Taiwan indie-pop band ”DSPS” and bassist GYM from the charismatic and popular Taiwan band "deca joins". The track has a supremely refreshing indie-pop flavor.

The "BOOKS" remix version will be available in Streaming from August 24, the same day of the 7-inch release.

Please be sure to check out this special 7-inch from Sawa Angstrom, who is expected to make a big leap from Kyoto to the world in the near future!


release info

artist:Sawa Angstrom

title:Tape Loop

release media:7inch

release no:BRRCD-093

release date:2022.8.24

track list:


A1 Tape Loop



B2 BOOKS remix by Ami (DSPS) & GYM (deca joins)

⁡⁡cover art:Hom ShenHao


<teaser> Sawa Angstrom / BOOKS remix by Ami (DSPS) & GYM (deca joins)


Sawa Angstrom

An electronic music trio consisting of Jun Hamada, Satoshi Yoshioka and Marina Kodama.

Each of them plays an absolutely vital role in Kyoto indie music scene respectively. Their diverse musical backbones bring together as Sawa Angstrom to create unique and thrilling pop music.



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