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1st anniversary of BIG ROMANTIC STORE, we now launching a series of exhibition projects!

Artwork by 周依 CHOU YI

In July, BIG ROMANTIC STORE (BONUS TRACK, Shimokitazawam, Tokyo) is welcoming our 1st anniversary of opening.

Our lives are still affected by the epidemic now. However, we still hope that BIG ROMANTIC STORE could continue to bring you the freshest Asian music cultural information in the future.

As a commemoration of the first anniversary, BIG ROMANTIC STORE now launching a series of exhibition projects with seven groups of remarkable NEW WAVE brands and illustrators from Taiwan!

Starting from Eslite Bookstore in Nihonbashi, passing through the BIG ROMANTIC EXPRESS in Okinawa and Sapporo, and back to our headquarters, BIG ROMANTIC STORE in BONUS TRACK Shimokitazawa, we are presenting a POP-UP tour around Japan for you.

Whether you are an old friend who followed us before or a new friend just knowing us, we believe you will definitely have a great time on this tour!

For friends overseas, we are looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

So keep safe and see you later.



Location:Eslite Bookstore, Nihonbashi

〒103-0022 東京都中央区日本橋室町3丁目2−1 COREDO室町テラス 2F

■ BIG ROMANTIC STORE Anniversary POP UP TOUR in express

7.17 - 7.18


7.24 - 7.25


7.30 - 8.1


※ In the "POP UP TOUR in express" series of activities, in addition to bringing co-branded products in collaboration with Taiwanese artists, you can also taste the romantic special braised pork rice and limited drinks on site! Music auditions and various lectures will also be launched in order.

For detailed event information, please continue to pay attention to the following SNS accounts.

※Due to the impact of the epidemic, the event may be postponed or terminated, please notice.


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Based in Taipei Akamine Street, PAR STORE is a selection shop managed by Musician Hong ShenHao and ZINE's creator Luo YinFan. Offering music, ZINE, fashion from Taiwan to worldwide, and launch self-branded products also.

As a shop that can transform into a live performance space and BAR, PAR STORE definitely is a culture spot that worldwide travelers should visit.

・Sawada Chen

In addition to working as a visual director at a Taiwanese record company, including a long-standing collaboration with BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS, she has also worked on large-scale rock festivals in Taiwan and art design for awards. The visual of BIG ROMANTIC STORE is also designed by her.

So far, she has produced posters and goods designs for many band performances such as Sunset Rollercoaster, Freckles, Yogee New Waves, Siamese Cats, Lucky Tapes, Half Mile Beach Club, DSPS, Fire Extinguishers, etc.


Chou Yi has created artworks since 2010, particular focus on transforming the rhythm and imagery of comics, movies, and music into drawings, infusing them with subtle moments of everyday life.

She has published several limited editions, includes artistic comics and zines in collaboration with domestic and foreign publishers, bookstores, and artists. She has also exhibited in Japan, France, Canada, and China.

(photo credit:Yang YaChun)


Yuda and Yoki established TheVolcano Store in Taipei. Both were graduating with a degree in graphic design. And now, focus on zine publishing and making pottery art. Their works are simple and cute, with humorous silliness which sometimes mixes with some delightful shyness.

They named themselves Volcano simply because they were passing a grocery store and attracted by a poster full of energy on the wall. The poster pictured a section of an actual volcanic eruption.

Sex organs often appear in their creations because they feel that the current public discussion of penis and genitals in Taiwan is very concealed. Still, they are as accurate as of the eyes, nose, and mouth. They hope that through the work, everyone can get used to it and appreciate the beauty.

・Miyabi Shuu

Born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1993

In 2016, started flying between Taiwan and Tokyo as an illustrator, costume stylist, and DJ, living a busy and romantic day. Like walking and bathing.

In recent years, she has also cooperated with many brands and media such as Eslite, Trippen, CINRA, etc., constantly trying to create possibilities in different fields.


Engaged in garment printing design and creation of fluffy dolls. Thinking visualized, and prefer a strong style of color contrast. "Feeling fun" is the creative fuel that runs all the mistakes and collisions here.

Artworks include flip-flop trademark "L0g0" series, 420 "Marijuawa" series, low-quality handmade "L0F1" series, and "P1ants" potted plant customization service.

・A ee mi

A ee mi has been studied illustration in the United States and created works with computer graphics. During the period also tried animation production and realized that the delivery of ideas and stories is the core of the creation.

Now A ee mi focuses on the production of comics, graphics, and publications in this direction. Works include "Red and Green," "Metropolitan Horror Story," and "EMOLAND". Among them, "Red and Green" was shortlisted for the 2019 Golden Comic Awards.

meow meow bug

A ee mi's character. It looks different from other cats. The body is a bit like bread, but the color is like a caterpillar. There are always many thoughts in its heart, which seem sentimental but possess the wisdom that can be realized in life, good or bad.

Having a good friend, blue dog Lazy Dog, who likes to drink bubble tea.



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