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A soundtrack of Manga EP split by SummerEye (ex.Siamese cats) and Ami Tseng (DSPS)

A split EP with 4 new songs written by Tomoyuki Natsume aka SummerEye (ex.Siamese cats) and Ami Tseng (DSPS), based on 4 short manga stories by Taiwanese manga artist PETER MANN, is now available for Streaming and 7inch vinyl!

PETER MANN has done artwork for 'Siamese Cats' and Taiwan Indie Rock band 'Irukapolice' in the past. So she's also a favorite among Indie music fans.

This work 'BLA BLA SONG (manga)' is a unique mixture of the everyday and fantasy worlds with sentimental stories. This PETER MANN's world can also be felt in the music video for the song "Student" by SUMMER EYE, created by PETER MANN. You can check out the music video as well!


artist:Summer Eye / Ami Tseng



release no:BRRCD-092

track list:

A side - Summer Eye

1. Student

2. Puddle

B side - Ami Tseng

3. Dream Baby

4. Bala Song



Summer Eye

Summer Eye is pop artist monikar by Tokyo-based singer-songwriter, recording artist Tomoyuki Natsume.

After disbanding indie-rock band Siamese Cats in 2020, Summer Eye indulged himself in writing music with vintage electronic instruments, synth, and programming. He ultimately found inspiration from his love for club culture and DIY scenes in the post-internet era.

Ami Tseng

Ami Tseng is the vocalist of the indie pop band DSPS and a member of the Taipei-based DJ crew TEMPO POPO. She started creating music around 2014 and continues to work as a member of DSPS, as well as doing live performances and various sound designs under her own name.

She recently has participated in solo projects with such artists as Baku Furukawa, EVISBEATS, and more.




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