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Manga Artist × Big Romantic | Special Co-branded Project Start!

Make love into a T-shirt.

Have you heard any stories about

"musicians who want to be manga artists" or "manga artists who want to be musicians"?

Or have you heard such a story?

When creating, manga artists like to put their favorite music on the playlist, create a creative music box, and improve the concentration of their pen tip in the music melody.

When composing music, musicians are used to repeatedly reading their favorite comics and drawing inspiration from the world outlook of comics.

If you have heard of such a story, you should agree with such a point of view.

"Manga and music are inseparable and love each other."

Under the epidemic, the music industry has ushered in an unprecedented crisis, including us. We have faced many difficulties in the past two years.

But we still believe that the power that music and live performances can give us is irreplaceable, and it is still our mission to convey the charm of music and live performances.

So we started such a project.

It was born out of the love of music.

It came to a joint project with all these brilliant manga artists and Moonromantic (Tokyo Aoyama/Taipei), the offline performance space from Big Romantic Entertainment.


Manga Artist × Big Romantic | Special Co-branded

-Music loved by comics, and comics loved by music-

The eight manga artists specially invited to participate in this project are

Toshinao Aoki, Hiroyuki Asada, Hisashi Eguchi, Gao Yan, Atsushi Kamijo, Minami Kitamura, Miki Tori, and Mari Yamazaki.

This October, the first work was a romantic illustration created by the famous Japanese manga artist Toshinao Aoki, based on the image of Moonromantic!

We made this art piece into a unique co-branded T-shirt and tote bag with a pre-sale mode.

The pre-sale period will be 10/1-10/31. The products will send out to the entity in November in order of payment.

Toshinao Aoki x Moonromantic

T-shirt | 4950 JPY

Tote Bag | 3300 JPY

*The shipping fee will be charged extra. Our staff will contact you after you submit your order.

This project will be a long-term project that spans eight months.

We plan to bring you a joint creation from different manga artists every month.

What kind of art pieces will appear in the future?

Please stay tuned with us.


Toshinao Aoki

A character designer and animator of children's TV programs such as "Ugo Ugo Ruuga," "Nandemo Q" series, "Minna no Uta," and "Okasan to Issho." He is also widely active in designing mascot characters of mobile games and companies, creating web content, and creating comics.

He is good at designing mascots and girl characters, and he publishes manga works in commercial magazines and independent productions. He also works with individuals and friends such as Ishide Den, Hisae Iwaoka, Takako Shimura, and Fumiko Tanigawa under the name of "hashiranger."

When the NHK TV series "Ama-chan" was broadcast in 2013, its fan art posted on Twitter (commonly known as "Ama-pic") attracted attention. Since then, he has also released many collaboration works based on the Tohoku region.


Moonromantic (Tokyo Aoyama/Taipei )

Moonromantic is the offline music performance space launched by Big Romantic Entertainment. Located in Aoyama, Tokyo, and Chaozhou Street, Taipei.

"Possibility of communication." Our music performance spaces provide venue services for local independent musicians in their respective cultural backgrounds. We also have the vision to connect global independent music and provide listeners and musicians with more diversity through worldwide release, cross-regional distribution, and tour planning.

The live broadcast system MOONROMANTIC CHANNEL, which started in April 2020, continues to build connections between musicians and audiences through webcasting.

Visit the official website to get the latest performance information directly.




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