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Death of Heather LP「Death of Heather」release interview

Death of Heather

<L→R>Thong(bass)、Nine (guitar)、Non(drums)、Tay(vocals&guitar)

Death Of Heather, four-piece alternative shoegaze and dream-pop band from Bangkok, Thailand formed in 2017, consists of Tay (lead vocals and guitar), Nine (lead guitar), Thong (bass), and Non (drums).

Announced their self-titled album Death Of Heather in November 2020, gaining support rapidly, became a hot topic centering in the local music scene. It was also nominated as one of the best albums of 2020 by local media in Thailand and gradually being recognized by overseas audiences.

The album shows a unique sense that blossomed in the sound of the direct line of Dream-pop, now decided to be released by BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS in July.

Before the first self-titled LP release, we took a little chat with Death of Heather.


Tell us about the band name.

Death Of Heather came from my favorite musician name. Heather from Pale Waves. I love her a lot that's why I decided to name the band from her.

Pale Waves - Easy

In the video, I saw our vocalist was wearing a DIIV hat. And I also felt the influence of DIIV from the mellow mood of this album. So what do you think of DOH's music? What is the most attractive part?

Most people talk about it, and I always said yes. DIIV is our big influence on our music.

Also other dream pop, shoegaze bands like Slowdive, mbv etc.

Our sound mixed a lot of music that we like. It's hard to tell it.

Death Of Heather “Mind”

Could you outline your composition process?

Most of the song became from me (tay). I did everything by myself alone on the laptop.

Record everything. Hum the melody.

Then I send a demo to my bandmate and jamming together. Sharing some ideas. When everything ok then we'll bring them to re-recording at the studio to final it.

How is the music scene of Dream-pop in Bangkok? Please tell us some bands you recommend.

Now, Thailand has more bands and shoegaze, dream pop music listeners have become more common. We have a major media community called The Year Shoegaze Broke on Facebook and the media has released a compilation album.

We recommend you to listen to the compilation from The Year Shoegaze page. So good.

The Year Shoegaze Broke vol.1 playlist

The scheduled performance of POW Film Fest was canceled due to the influence of COVID-19, what is your future plans or goals.

Now, We write new songs and planing to release an EP that will be coming out this winter.

And next goal is tour (hopefully soon as possible)

POW!FEST in Bangkok

Then, do you have a message for fans all over the world?

We’re very happy to release this record on vinyl! hope everyone enjoys listening to it. and hope to see you when things get back to normal, hopefully soon! thank you for your support.

special thanks : Yell Recordz


Release Info

Artist:Death Of Heather

Title:Death Of Heather

Product Code:BRRCD-068


Release Date:7, July 2021

Track List:


1.New Town

2.Hard to Cure



5.In Me



7.I Can Tell


9.Living Slow Disaster




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