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The special remix version tape of DSPS's debut EP, Sleep Till Afternoon, will be released on 10/20!

On the fifth anniversary of DSPS's debut EP Sleep Till Afternoon, the special remix version tape now decided to be released by BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS.

As a well-known indie-pop band from Taiwan, DSPS conquered discerning listeners worldwide. Sleep Till Afternoon, the first released EP of DSPS, gained more than five million views on YouTube, one of this band's representative works.

This autumn, with the original soundtracks and new remix versions, Sleep Till Afternoon will be released as a redesigned cassette tape.

Three brilliant artists from Japan, Taiwan, and Hongkong took a significant part in creating the remix.

They are,

EVISBEATS, a producer and beatmaker based in Wakayama, Japan. He creates music that is full of the beauty of world music and the fascination of Zen.

Layton Wu, a bedroom artist from Taiwan, with good taste, both music and fashion. Now living in Chicago currently.

Kimberley Road Union, a genius home recording band from Hongkong, giving listeners unique music with intense and vivid imagery.

Each group of artists remixes a song, and this fantastic masterpiece was born.

And Gao Yan, a well-known manga artist from Taiwan and active in Asia, was invited to create the illustration cover art and graphic design for the remix tape. As an artist whose works are widely loved by readers, Gao Yan was invited to design the cover art of Haruki Murakami's novel and Haruomi Hosono's documentary.

Currently, she is also serializing long-length comics in the well-known Japanese manga monthly magazine Comic Beam. This time will be the first time that Gao Yan takes part in a music project.

This commemorative tape gathers artists admired by DSPS, giving this representative piece a new meaning and appearance.

DSPS hopes to provide audience friends with a new perspective and experience for the band's music.

The physical and digital albums will be released simultaneously on 10/20.




Titel:Sleep till Afternoon Remix Tape


Release Code:BRRCD-075

Release date:2021/10/20

Price:500 NTD / 2500 JPY

Track list :

Side A

1.Sleep till Afternoon

2.Elegy of Teen girl

3.The Sweet Revolution

Side B

1.The Sweet Revolution ( EVISBEATS Remix)

2.Elegy of Teen girl ( Kimberley Road Union Remix )

3.Sleep till Afternoon ( Layton Wu Remix )



“The ordinary feelings of life and insignificant thoughts grows stronger and huger because of the impact of sounds. Then all the accumulations turn into the poem of real life.”

DSPS was formed in autumn, 2014 from Taipei and originally by acoustic guitarist Ami Tseng, drummer Ziheng and bassist Kashin Chiang. At first, the acoustic guitar is the main element of this band. Electric guitarist Tzuchuan Hsu joined DSPS shortly after. DSPS starts to round out the current line-up. Choruses between the male and female members with these two acoustic and electric guitar sounds gradually stack up the emotions, while the complex drum patterns and steady low frequence from bass both back them up. The actual image of their combination is like a midnight-sailing boat which enjoys the serenity, waits for the dawn and is softly drifting on the ocean.



Producer, singer-songwriter, track maker. The song "Yureru" with Dengaryu, such as the albums "When Become One (ひとつになるとき)", "Musuhi (ムスヒ)" and "People", has been played 11 million times on Youtube. He produced many good songs such as "Good Time (いい時間)" and "Dream Continuation (夢の続き)".


Kimberley Road Union

Founded in 2018. Based in Hong Kong, it is an art creation union that gathers many musicians and art creators. After Qiii Snacks Records released their first album in early 2019, they have been active in the Hong Kong music scene.

Kimberley Road Union's performance style is changeable, mixing many improvisations, noises, electronics, and pop music scenes, curating performance art, and improvisation-centered "Intrinsic Machines" series. Kimberley Road Union has been looking for artistic creation without boundaries.


Layton Wu

A Taiwan born track maker and singer, now base in Chicago. As a beat maker, he has released two beat tape albums and has contributed numerous songs to compilation albums on Taiwanese and overseas labels. From 2018, he was in charge of the arrangement and production of Taiwanese singer 9m88, and in 2020 he released the first singing work collection "Summertime Mixtape" from the label launched by Sunset Rollercoaster. Has become a big topic as a newcomer of city pop, and bedroom pop.



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