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BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS will release a 7-inch vinyl of the Thai indie scene newcomer "nipat newwave".

nipat newwave, a Bangkok-based graphic designer, singer, and songwriter, the newcomer of the booming Thai indie scene, decided to release a 7-inch vinyl by BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS.

Although we described nipat newwave as a newcomer, he is already known as the guitarist of dream-pop band Wave And So. He has also demonstrated his talent even in solo. The two songs "I want you back" and "sky so blue" he released on Youtube caught learners worldwide.

As request by all the fans, these two songs will be included in the new 7-inch vinyl. These bedroom pop songs are mellow that perfectly fit this sweltering midsummer.

We strongly feel that this vinyl will set off an upsurge in Thailand and Asia! Don'tDon't miss it!



Artist: nipat newwave

Title: Sky so blue / I want you back

Release Code: BRRCD-074

Price: 1980 JPY

Release Date: Aug. 18, 2021



Sky so blue


I want you back



nipat newwave

A graphic designer, singer, and songwriter based in Bangkok, Thailand, Nipat Newwave is a solo project of Oat Nipat, the vocal and guitarist of Wave And So band. After releasing an entire album with surf-rock and post-punk music, he started to focus on his solo project right away with smooth indie-pop sound to express another part of himself.

His first track, "Sky so blue", is still indie pop mixed with retro-disco sound with a fun and loneliness vibe. The lyrics are inspired by sitting alone in the car while looking at the evening sky.

The next track, called "I want you back" is a medium-tempo song showing the lonely mood. His memories of adolescence and the atmosphere around him truly drive him to write the songs.



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