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The MV for Stars and Rabbit‘s "Pretty Anticipated" officially out today, coincided with their new LP

Acclaimed Indonesian musical duo Stars and Rabbit, renowned for their emotive, melodic tunes that come in tandem with stunning music videos, present their latest audiovisual delight, "Pretty Anticipated".

Following a live version of the track that premiered earlier, the music video for "Pretty Anticipated" was officially released today. Directed by lead singer/songwriter Elda Suryani and guitarist/producer Didit Saad, this music video coincided with the release of their much-anticipated third album On Different Days via Green Island Music in conjunction with Big Romantic Records and Trapped Animal Records.

Written and recorded by Suryani and Saad at the latter's home in Jakarta during the pandemic, "Pretty Anticipated" is a song about those moments between the ups and downs of life.

"Have you ever had that moment where you realize how far you've gone with your life? That is when 'Pretty Anticipated' was written down in my journal," says Suryani. "Going through all the ups and downs but still managing to keep my sanity and being able to find joy on the ride is something to appreciate over time. It's one hell of a life-coping skill, and I'm taking this opportunity to celebrate it."

As a result, "If I stumble in the dark, that's okay/Light it away and sing" becomes Suryani's mantra on "Pretty Anticipated" over a swinging rhythm in which her heartfelt vocals dance along with Saad's enchanting guitar melodies. "The shuffling music represents the agility of the characters within the song," says Saad.

Shot at a friend's house in the suburbs of Jakarta, the music video for "Pretty Anticipated" takes the viewer into the lens of a cell phone camera rotating non-stop in the middle of a room in which Suryani and Saad get up to all sorts of hi-jinks. True to the song's message, the video can be interpreted as making the most of any situation, including being confined to one room.?"

In all, both the song "Pretty Anticipated" and its video are delightful additions to Stars and Rabbit's impeccable body of work that is sure to charm and inspire listeners in Indonesia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and anywhere in the world.

In additional, Stars and Rabbit newest streaming live performance from Jakarta has also been announced. Starting 7p.m. WIB in July 1st,2021.

“Ideally we would've come to your city and played in front of you and hugged it all out on you,” says Elda. “Until then, on different days like these, we're still going to play for you and hug you, coming live from another world through a screen in front of you.”



Track List


1. Merry Alone

2. Moon Lone City

3. Who Am I Now?

4. Misty Garden


5. One Foot

6. Library Of My Mind

7. Pretty Anticipated

8. Time Traveller


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