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Malaysia-based neo-psychedelic rock band Ramayan’s new album decided to be released by BIG ROMANTIC

Ramayan, a neo-psychedelic rock band from Malaysia, colored with the heavy flavor of the psychedelic rock and the synthesizer's tone, now complete their new album Di Persiaran Cakrawala. And the 12-inch vinyl of this album will be released by BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS.

Primarily revolves around the 60s to 70s Psychedelic /Prog-Rock, with ballad-like melodies influenced by the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Todd Rundgren, ABBA as well as local heroes such as Alleycats, M.Nasir, and the late Sudirman, Ramayan's music has a unique blend of Malaysiana and Western sounds, sown together with Nusantara elements and their style of Malay poetry and lyricality. All of which is written, composed, arranged, recorded, and performed by themselves.

Performed live on national TV, played at international stages such as Archipelago Fest in Indonesia and Zandari Festa in Korea, as well as opening for major international acts such as The Temper Trap (AUS), Barasuara (INA), Parasol (KOR), and MataJiwa (INA). Ramayan had received nationwide coverage, featuring on local radios, newspapers, and short films while also being listed in 'The Best Local Songs of 2016' by Malaysian Tatler, TheLevelMY, TimeOut Magazine, and Juice.

Their new album, Di Persiaran Cakrawala, is a miracle masterpiece filled with the savvy pop spirit and the experimental spirit that looks at the abyss of the Malay culture as imaginable.

Their first full-length LP sees a unique collaboration with Indonesian artist/producer Mondo Gascaro, who has worked with Atilia and Noh Salleh. And the latest single off of the new album, Lamunan Anak Bulan, was released in mid-2020, received nationwide critical acclaim for its fresh style and heavy psychedelia. The song had eventually won the Best Song of 2020 at TAPAU Awards last December.

When we heard this album, we couldn't help to think that if The Beatles were putting out a psychedelic rock album with style between rubber Seoul and revolver, it might sound like this one.

The 12-inch vinyl will be out on Nov 17. We believe that Di Persiaran Cakrawala will become one of the year's best albums on your playlist. Stay tuned!




Title : Di Persiaran Cakrawala (On the Road to the Universe)

Release Media:12inch LP


Release Code: BRRCD-082

Release Date:2021/11/17

Price:3300JPY + tax


Side A

1.Signal 4:30

2.Permulaan Cinta Intan / The Dawn of Diamond Love 4:22

3.Lamunan Anak Bulan / Daydreams of the Moonchild 6:23

4.Jakarta 4:47

5.Moronik / Moronic 4:47

Side B

6.Di Persiaran Cakrawala / On the Road to the Universe 6:22

7.Air Mata Raja / The King’s Tears 4:37

8.Puas / Tired 4:46

9.Taman Bahagia / The Garden of Happiness 4:58

10.Kebebasan / Freedom 5:01

※With lyrics card in Malaysian, English, Japanese, and Chinese.


Omar (Bass, Bass Synth) / Pi’e (Vocals,Keyboards, Guitar) / Que(Drums, Synths)


A neo-psychedelic pop/rock outfit formed in September of 2014, based in Malaysia, formed by five original members but currently consisting of three members; Pi'e (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar), Omar (Bass, Bass Synth), and Que (Drums, Synths). In the same year, Ramayan was signed under the Malaysia-based independent record label, Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd.



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