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Stars and Rabbit’s Asia edition vinyl On Different Days to be released by BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS

Stars and Rabbit

On Different Days


23, April 2021

Indonesian duo Stars and Rabbit have announced their new album On Different Days and shared its lead single, Merry Alone. BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS is pleased to release the special Asia edition vinyl On Different Days on 25 June, in conjunction with Green Island Music and UK label Trapped Animal Records.

On Different Days, arriving 25 June, is an introspective look into the last twelve months, finding the rare sparkles of light that crept through the dark. As human contact and the possibility of unloading our problems to others disappeared, we all had to become our islands tending to our mental health. Lead singer Elda Suryani celebrated her newfound self-reliance and noted the acts of the community that have got us through. With On Different Days, they create a community resource all of their own.

The lead single, Merry Alone, is a nod to the interconnectedness Suryani felt when the whole world became lonely overnight. Suryani, the vocal of Stars and Rabbit, said, "At this point, have you ever felt irrelevant to the world around you? Disconnected. It left you a little lonely. How about knowing the truth, that you're not the only one. Will it make a difference? To be able to see, hear and feel the loneliness of others. Will it make you less lonely? By being alone together. Will it spark a smile even a little?"

Accompanying the release of Merry Alone, Stars and Rabbit will launch its adorable animated music video on their YouTube channel. Directed by Merry Wijaya of Aaska Productions, the video is set in a tropical island locale representing a human cell. It features a star-shaped protagonist named Starboi as he encounters a mysterious Sphere. "It's a story of Starboi defending his motherland from the virus. It's related to our current pandemic situation because, at first, we didn't know much about the virus and even were in denial about it. But with more understanding and knowledge achieved through many perspectives, hopefully, we can survive and live in the new post-pandemic world." Wijaya said.

On Different Days could be considered as an aural equivalent of Animal Crossing, a NINTENDO game that became popular during the lockdown. It shows a world as if the trees in full blossom, the golden sand and the shimmering blue of the sea circling the picture-perfect islands provided soothing as the real world imploded. Suryani sings of beautiful gardens, lavender wilds, and 'roses bigger than my head'. Her partner in crime, Didit Saad, concocts soundscapes that add to her lyrics' vividness.

When our world is reduced to little more than our bedroom, we have to create worlds of our own. Soon the world Stars and Rabbit made for their sanity will be ours to lose ourselves in.


Release Info

Artist: Stars and Rabbit

Title: On Different Days

Product code: BRRCD 067

Price: 3300 JPY

Release Date: 25, June 2021

Track List


1. Merry Alone

2. Moon Lone City

3. Who Am I Now?

4. Misty Garden


5. One Foot

6. Library Of My Mind

7. Pretty Anticipated

8. Time Traveller


Artist Profile

Stars and Rabbit - vocalist Elda Suryani and guitarist Didit Saad - continuously shared their journey over the last decade. Originating from a cultural city in Central Java, Yogyakarta, off to write in Dutch cultural towns, savored the legendary music venue in Camden Town to Iceland's most exquisite stage, and humbly experienced the traditional Japanese sacred stage. These have broadened their perspectives and senses of making music that speaks out their distinct personalities.

They become more aware of their evolution, and all they want is to make music borderless. A field of limitless expressions called playground, and it always brings them the purest of joy. It's going to be an exciting journey to follow the world they create.

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