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The long-awaited Sunset Rollercoaster's newest Japanese vinyl "SOFT STORM" finally released!

In the still unclear end of the 2020 epidemic, Sunset Rollercoaster's newest album, SOFT STORM, was born, calmly declared that a new generation is coming.

A full album with a total of 9 songs. The song "Candlelight (feat. OHHYUK)" featuring HYUKOH, co-written with the heavyweight West Coast AOR producer Ned Doheny, who has been re-evaluated in recent years. And the song "Passerby" was composing with California's hottest singer-songwriter Michael Sayer.

Sunset Rollercoaster - SOFT STORM (Full Album), 2020

SOFT STORM is a masterpiece completed by the flexible use of various sounds, such as multiple synthesizers and drum machines.

Now, this masterpiece was finally decided to be released as a 12inch vinyl. And the long-awaited Japanese version will be released by BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS on July 21, 2021!

There is no doubt that this "SOFT STORM" is about to sweep the world. Don't miss it!

Sunset Rollercoaster - Under the Skin (Official Video)


Release Info

Artist: Sunset Rollercoaster


Product code: BRRCD-076

Price: 4048 JPY

Release Date:21, July 2021

Track List


1. Soft Storm

2. Overlove

3. Under the skin

4. Passerby (feat. Michael Seyer)

5. Teahouse


6. Overlove (Rehab)

7. Hyperfocus

8. Midnight with Paul

9. Candlelight (feat. OHHYUK)

※Japanese lyrics translation attached


Sunset Rollercoaster

A jazz-influenced synth-pop band from Taipei, formed in Taipei in 2009.

In 2011, they released the album Bossa Nova in Japan and performed in SUMMER SONIC. After several years of inactivity, EP JINJI KIKKO was released in 2016, described as an urban, psychedelic, and mellow, unique Asian-Oriented Rock (AOR).

In 2018, the 2nd album CASSA NOVA, a representative work of the band expressing a mature and overwhelming world view, appeared in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in 2019. It has become a big topic and is now receiving enthusiastic support from Asia and worldwide.

The long-awaited latest album, Soft Storm, was released in 2020. Many new songs of interest, such as collaboration songs with vocalist OH HYUK of popular Korean band HYUKOH, have become a big topic.


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