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Japanese trackmaker STUTS collaborated with Noi Naa (YONLAPA) Single "Two Kites"released

Noi Naa, vocalist of the Chiang Mai, Thailand indie pop band <YONLAPA>, and popular Japanese trackmaker STUTS have collaborated! Single "Two Kites" released

STUTS is a Japanese HIP HOP producer who successfully performed at the Nippon Budokan in June 2023.

This single was produced as a result of STUTS and YONLAPA's appearance at the music and art festival "EPOCHS ~Music & Art Collective~" to be held from 30th Sept. to 1st Oct. in Karuizawa, a summer resort in Japan that John Lennon loved.

Originally, STUTS created an instrumental theme song for the festival, and invited Noi Naa (YONLAPA) to complete the song as the vocalist.Noi Naa's vocals match the pleasant R&B sound of STUTS. 

Producer / Trackmaker / MPC Player

born in 1989.

performed MPC live on the streets of Harlem, New York in February 2013. A video of the audience dancing to his music was uploaded on YouTube. He has provided songs and remixes for many artists beyond the realm of Hip Hop. As a band member of Gen Hoshino, he experienced one of the biggest dome tours in Japan. His MPC shows are a hot topic.

He actively collaborates not only with Japanese artists but also with musicians from other countries, such as Phum Viphurit from Thailand and SUMIN from Korea. He has also collaborated with UNIQLO and Japan's largest cell phone company, "docomo.

In 2021, he released "Presence," a collaboration with leading Japanese actress and singer Takako Matsu and rappers. This song was written as the theme song for the popular Japanese drama "Oomameda Towako and Her Three Ex-husbands". This theme song, whose rapper changes every episode in the drama, became very popular.

In June 2023, STUTS became the first Japanese HIP HOP producer to perform at the Nippon Budokan. This show was sold out. In August, he performed on the same White Stage as Denzel Curry and NxWorries at Fuji Rock.





Noi Naa (The vocalist of YONLAPA.)

YONLAPA is an Asian Indie Pop band from Chiang Mai, Thailand mixed with 4 members. Their work ingredients are based on Dream Pop and Psychedelic. They have released an EP. album, ‘First Trip’ consists of 5 songs. The first album 'LINGERING GLOAMING' was released in August 2023.







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